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Kiln Dried Antique Canadian floorboards


Kiln Dried Antique Canadian floorboards

Stunning floorboards 8” to 12” wide, solid wood 20mm thick, sourced from old Canadian structures built over 150 years ago with a lovely original patina and well-seasoned colouring and lots of character, Pre-sanded ready to lay put the wow factor in your home with these very rare floorboards.

Reclaimed Floorboards

Georgian Warehouse Floorboards

Georgian floorboards with original foot- worn patina and well seasoned colouring a very rare find.

Reclaimed Floorboards

Victorian Antique Pine

Hand sanded ready to lay, with beautiful character and patina, with T&G or square edged.

Reclaimed distillery pine floorboards

Reclaimed Distillery Pine Floorboards

Brushed and hand sanded using traditional methods with the aim of keeping the patina in every board we restore.

Antique random width boards

Antique Varied Width Boards

Georgian style random width boards, in widths of 7” 9” and 11”.

Reclaimed original pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed original pine floorboards

Reclaimed square edge rustic pine boards

Reclaimed Square Edge Rustic Pine Boards

Reclaimed 11” antique pine floorboards. We keep a large stock of 11” wide boards which have been brushed, hand sanded then polished.

Reclaimed original face pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Face Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed 8” wide rustic face floorboards, brushed and hand sanded.

Wide oregon pine boards

Wide Oregan Pine Boards

Wide Oregan re-sawn pine with a golden seasoned colour.

Reclaimed oak in random widths

Reclaimed Oak

Brushed, sanded and finished by hand with original face and patina.

Wide rustic pine boards

Wide Rustic Pine Boards

Rustic warehouse floorboards salvaged from imperial Tobacco Liverpool.

Reclaimed pine sawn face

Reclaimed Pine Sawn Face

Reclaimed antique sawmill floorboards 6” and 8” wide boards brushed, hand sanded then polished.

Oregon pine resawn

Oregon Pine Resawn

With a golden seasoned colour and re-sawn from larger section beams.

Reclaimed original victorian pine floorboards

Reclaimed Original Victorian Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed original Victorian pine floorboards, 7” wide supplied brush sanded and polished ready to lay.

Wide pitch pine TG flooring

Wide Pitch Pine T&G Flooring

Reclaimed pitch pine floorboards which have been salvaged from Victorian churches and hospitals.

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Rustic Mix Reclaimed Floorboards

Reclaimed rustic mix floorboards with a mix of lighter shades and darker shades of well-seasoned colours which come 6” wide or 8” wide.