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Antique Victorian Pine

Of all the flooring options we offer, our Antique Victorian Pine is one of our favourites. Its rustic, sturdy look makes it equally as beautiful as it is durable. So its no wonder to us that it fits perfectly in any kitchen or hall setting. 

So, if you aren’t already sold on these amazing additions to your renovation, we thought we’d tell you a little more about how they are sourced and perfected for you.

Antique random width boards

Antique Victorian Pine

Our Antique Victorian Pine has long been a favourite. Each board is sourced locally, from renovations in Victorian properties. Instead of such beautiful flooring going to waste, we take and up-cycle it to its former glory.

This up-cycling process includes hand-sanding and polishing, ensuring any imperfection won’t ruin the longevity of the boards. 

After all, we pride ourselves on offering your flooring that will look amazing and stand the test of time. So when you purchase your flooring from us, you’ll only ever get the best.


Our Flooring Collection

Antique Victorian Pine is not the only flooring option we have on offer. 

We are always looking for new floorboards, such as our Georgian Warehouse Floorboards. These options come complete with original foot-worm patina. 

Another of our favourites are the Reclaimed Square Edge Rustic Pine Boards. These options are brushed, hand-sanded and polished for a refined look.

Whatever your style, we’re sure we have a reclaimed flooring option to fit your home.

Browse our collection today, or ask one of our friendly team and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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