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Reclaimed Floorboards UK produce several types of reclaimed floors with a unique way of finishing the boards by hand, we keep the character and patina in our floors, soften the edges, bring the colours back in the boards and make sure they will feel at home for another hundred years

These reclaimed floorboards come pre-sanded and can save quite a significant amount on installation cost, we carefully sand the boards by hand so not lose the old patina and to keep the character in the board, no two boards are the same each board has it's own character and will make a stunning floor for any period property


 Reclaimed Pitch Pine Floorboardswide_plank_pitch_pine

Pitch Pine a very hard dense timber (as hard wearing as oak) makes a beautiful floor in wide plank or narrow board, with its vibrant colouring and grain which flows through every board will look great in any building project new build or refurb or diy


IMG_3610 Reclaimed Antique Pine Floorboards

T&G or square edged, this flooring has a well seasoned honey colouring and slow grown tight grain and will make any room in the home feel inviting warm and cosy, a popular choice for large and small homes.                                                                                                             

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